Inside the Inmates

We are given paper

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Welcome to the _asylum_ community's book
project, Inside the Inmates.
This is the community where you can read what we are
going to publish.

From Saturday May 12th
until until Friday, August 31st
we are accepting submissions of stories, artwork,
poems and any other original creative work that deal
with you and your life dealing with mental illness. We
ask that you give us a pseudonym other than your real
name, your email handle or livejournal name so that
your anonymity will be guaranteed. This way, you can
be completely open and honest without fear of it
returning to haunt you in the future.

To add your submissions: first join _asylum_.
Once you are a member,
email your stories and your pseudonym to:
AND then friend this community.

From there, your submission will be posted here by the
owner of this community and founder of the project,

(your email will not appear in the post or in the
book, just the submission)

Be sure to friend this community to read the latest

YOU will not have posting access to this community.
this is a read-only community.
If you want to post your story, email it to: