goaskjennifer (goaskjennifer) wrote in inmatesminds,

Social Problems
"If I Were Unattractive, You Wouldn't Hear A Word I Say"
The plain and pretty people hold a monopoly on the world's attention because ugly people don't identify with those who look like them Thank you, television Nothing makes a woman more pleased than seeing a woman heavier than her but only the insecure don't understand why a guy would love a heavy girl instead of the prettiest Fat girls hate fat women who are brave enough to stand alone Fat guys won't date women larger than a size 10 because of those comic book heroes and the women drawn out of proportion by guys who could never get a glance from the head cheerleader & it comes as no surprise that all the girls who identify with Christina Aguilera & sing along with all the songs written by guys they look more like & think they can be a star because they're too shallow to be anything else & Everybody knows girls like her Everybody tells her she sounds like Amy Lee or Avril because they're too afraid to tell her the plain ugly truth -- So she has to hear it from Simon Cowell Far be it for a fat person to know their limits but let's be realistic Just because you can you should not do a nude scene Cellulite produces a gag reflex that ruins the romance for the obese audience because none of them are able to accept the fact that everybody has it because they can't accept themselves because nobody accepted them You won't be taken seriously until you drop all your defenses & let yourself be frightening and pathetic It takes courage to be foolish Put your true self on full display You won't get attention by acting just like them Nobody wants to see a fake but if you open yourself up & let all those bottled feelings out People will identify with your pain We're all built & grow a different way Beauty is a vain & doubtful, fleeting thing && even pretty people can show ugliness at times The soul is all that matters it's who you are inside & other tired worn out cliché lines that everybody says but nobody really lives because the truth is when it comes down to it if I were unattractive, you wouldn't really care.
-the graduate
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