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Math Valentine by Trey

Squares are red.
Triangles are blue.
The bottom of my heart,
Is shaped like a parabola.
But, O what things cause other problems.
Countless points measure to an infinity.
Circles of love, Circles of saints.
All joining hands, Thou knowest not.
Crossing paths all in lines,
People forget their inner thoughts.
Ere the fog clouds their minds,
Their encephalon thinks of tessellations.

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I step outside, backpack heavily on my back, bulging with books, some 20 lbs
worth, and shuffle along. At least its not raining today. I don't mind the
rain, but lately it's been so muggy, the rain was no respite. Even the cargo
shorts and thin pale T-Shirt will not save me today. I know by the time I am
1/2 way to work, I will have sweat through my T to my backpack and have
sweat running down my back, ugh.

The gravel on the side of the road crunches distantly underfoot.

There are bad things that happen to people, things like car accidents, plane
crashes, kitchen accidents, etc. Like this street, now that my path has
ended, but there is a new one on the other side, and I need to cross
anyways, I will J-Walk now, and get to that path, after this white beat up
pick-up with the painter's logo passes on my side and the blue Ford Taurus
and new yellow VW Bug pass on the other side, I will go. Thee drivers here
are kinda crazy, they swerve around someone walking down the side of the
street, but should you try to cross, even a cross-walk they try to run you
down. I am glad my family doesn't cross around here, if they did one could
get hit. I know I could see some stupid lady with here cell over her
shoulder, arguing with someone, other hand brushing her mussed dyed blonde
hair with her other. Going nearly the speed limit, and swerving slightly,
she could just slightly go over to the path to the side of the road while my
older daughter is walking along holding my hand, her little soft hand
wrapped loosely around my pinky. Suddenly I feel her hand jump off my finger
as I hear a deafening crack. Something splatters my glasses, but my eyes
instinctively shut, so I don't see what it was. In this same brief
millisecond instant, i hear both a soft, muffled crunch of something glass
being broken and a kinda metallic thud, like thick sheet metal being banged
with a rubber mallet. Right after this, I hear the sound of car tires trying
in vain to grip the road in a stinky roar of burning rubber. Then as I open
my eyes, all I see is red. I run to the broken body on the floor, a tangled
mess of limbs, pretty pink clothes, blood and matted curly blonde hair. One
eye is 1/2 open, staring up at the sky, the other, appears missing. Now I
can't see. I am suddenly hot, like my shirt were heated by the sun and I had
run in the desert. I can't breathe. I turn to the car, the driver is staring
at me and my daughter with an opened mouth expression of bewilderment and
indignant horror. Like I did it. She looks at me like 'why would I walk with
my daughter in the street like that'. That is the last look I see on her
face. I suddenly run at her and punch her in the throat with all my might. I
feel something break behind my larger, scarred left knuckles, and a soft
squishy gurgle come from her throat. I am still not looking at her face, I
can't. If I do, I will only see my daughter's face, all deformed and broken.
As she slumps down on the ground, I wrench off the side-view mirror and
slowly, but with all my might, start to beat in her face, until I can look
at it again. Until I can see the pavement through it. Then I fall down and
cry, for my daughter, for this lady I don't even know, for me.

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"Orianna Cassandra Dubois"
Just your average girl
just your average girl
just your average girl
except, ever since she could remember,
which could have been forever ago
she was haunted by strange thoughts
Alarming, random exceedingly by nature
At the age of five she wondered
five year old girls do much of that
whether her parents were as bad as teacher said, or teacher was as bad as mommy and daddy said, or maybe the problem was these thoughts in her head
that wouldn't go away
Normal boys & girls don't think this way
Matters of tigers
Snarling beast cats and incense
and older boys
playing hounds from Hell
Unicorn rabbits build her fairy tales
Rapunzal trapped in her tower mind with a bob
Alice come out of her wonderland, through the looking glass
Follow the white rabbit to the world
each introduction to the world
absorb another part of the world
now the world is part of her world
when she knows the ways of something
she knows everything
every single one of the intimate details, the little things and trifles
She always sees such trifles
She always remebers such trifles
An old, recently divorced man with salt and pepper hair was arguing about a confusing phone call from a black man he didn't recognize
And she took heed not to speak while her friend was studying, because her friend mentioned she did her best work in silence
She could relate for the condition is often her bane
Awareness of everything
cannot shut anything out
has tried so many times tried
but found she was only keeping herself in, keeping herself in, keeping herself in
Locked away in the tower again
She has lists and lists recording lists of lists she needs to list on sticky notes reminding her to buy more sticky notes
and her notebooks are full of sweet narcotic lyrics of a forgotten never written age of when sanity and poetry agreed
Things pile up pretty quickly, so she is constantly cleaning, cleaning constantly
cleaning, remodeling, renewing, renovating
Rebuilding and changing her mind.
-the graduate

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Running away from everything they want me to be
Rebelling against all labels of conformity
Pledge alledgiance to my own authority, never be reborn
Maintain constant state of anarchy
But going against the grain never made reform

Living only for myself, kind of fun when I was twelve
Being held responsible for all my stupid actions
Slave to circumstance, trying every fashion
Wasting my life sleeping with pigs and then
Open my eyes to just a stranger in the mirror
Closing my mind for long, over-due repair

Manipulating people will not get you very far
Recognize my evil before it has a chance to start
Being honest with myself could never be a lie
If religion is an opiate, it's only in your mind

Wear my bleeding heart on a tattered sleeve
Willing to live, clutching the rosary beads
Never again deny all that I already believed to be true
Why question everything when all I need to know is You

Following Christ on the journey back to God
Believing in him to relearn how to love
Call it weak, call it lame, call it anything you want
This is me bowing on the alter, humbling my heart

I believe in God, Almighty, creator of the Earth
And through Him I finally see all that I am worth.
-the graduate

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"Here's To Wishful Thinking"
He could be that boy, but she's not that girl.
& she knows it.
& she shows it in the way she carries herself.
Dark, distant, tormented.
Head held high, but screaming inside.
Kept up all by thoughts of a life with him.
Thoughts of being loved by him.
Thoughts thought upon too much unrequited make her happy & sad all at the same time.
& her friends always tell her he's not worth it.
& not to let him get to her.
& pass exchange of glances & whispers
of "the sad stalker chick"
& her little obsessions.
& others know it is best to be frightened
rather than amused.
& avoid all contact with her completely.
But she pays them little attention.
She knows they're just jealous.
She knows they understand who know him best.
She knows all they say about her isn't half as bad as she knows she is.
She shows it.
She shows it in her broken smile & exaggerated laugh.
She shows it in the hair & glasses she wears like a mask.
She shows it in the way she loves him.
How sad her eyes become when he is mentioned & you remember her love is unreturned.
& their future together is the brightest thing in her world.
 -the graduate

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"There's No 'Fun' In Funeral"
I came back today
Nothing at all has changed,
except my best friend and I
don't speak anymore.
I lost you all over again
But this time it's permanent
Nothing is permanent
You said you would never leave
You said, "See you later."
I never said goodbye
I wish that I had said goodbye
Taking things for granted
That you would always be here
Tomorrow never came
We didn't say all we had to say
Dear God, give me one more day
To say what I never could before
And let me hear you say,
you knew all along.

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Social Problems
"If I Were Unattractive, You Wouldn't Hear A Word I Say"
The plain and pretty people hold a monopoly on the world's attention because ugly people don't identify with those who look like them Thank you, television Nothing makes a woman more pleased than seeing a woman heavier than her but only the insecure don't understand why a guy would love a heavy girl instead of the prettiest Fat girls hate fat women who are brave enough to stand alone Fat guys won't date women larger than a size 10 because of those comic book heroes and the women drawn out of proportion by guys who could never get a glance from the head cheerleader & it comes as no surprise that all the girls who identify with Christina Aguilera & sing along with all the songs written by guys they look more like & think they can be a star because they're too shallow to be anything else & Everybody knows girls like her Everybody tells her she sounds like Amy Lee or Avril because they're too afraid to tell her the plain ugly truth -- So she has to hear it from Simon Cowell Far be it for a fat person to know their limits but let's be realistic Just because you can you should not do a nude scene Cellulite produces a gag reflex that ruins the romance for the obese audience because none of them are able to accept the fact that everybody has it because they can't accept themselves because nobody accepted them You won't be taken seriously until you drop all your defenses & let yourself be frightening and pathetic It takes courage to be foolish Put your true self on full display You won't get attention by acting just like them Nobody wants to see a fake but if you open yourself up & let all those bottled feelings out People will identify with your pain We're all built & grow a different way Beauty is a vain & doubtful, fleeting thing && even pretty people can show ugliness at times The soul is all that matters it's who you are inside & other tired worn out cliché lines that everybody says but nobody really lives because the truth is when it comes down to it if I were unattractive, you wouldn't really care.
-the graduate

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Dark/Weird Poems
The rabbits attack,
My room becomes a huvvle;
Steal my sanity.
Feel the molecular stab of pain, we thrust
In wounded bliss and animal fury, in God we trust
Fuck retribution, infinity draws me in
Shuts its wings and brings me near

Shudder like a new spark
Born into an endless dream
Hitting bottom is not a weekend retreat
So like ice we blur and shift

Losing all hope is freedom
Twenty-one furious guns all screaming,
"Salute me!"
The Mona Lisa falls apart
Like a teenage whore's broken heart
for the sake of your post-modern art
of breaking down

A piercing voice splits the mist of pain
Fast-forward to the next page
Out on the front lines of the battlefield
I don't have a mind, I'm a human sheild

A spiral of snow awaits us
I've crossed the line from sane to not
This side is better, but better than what?

One lone soldier cannot fight this war
That is what we have armies for
I cannot fight this war
That is what we have armies for
"Like Unto A Leopard (Villanelle)"

Upon a throne of blood, my guardian resides
In desperate isolation, he tailors my disguise
I think I'm being bred to be the anti-christ

Like unto a leopard, the prophecy indites
The second coming usurps after the first has died
Upon a throne of blood, my guardian resides

With all outward appearances as of one beatified
Timid and helpless, and passionately untried
I think I'm being bred to be the anti-christ

Everybody wants to be different, to walk the thin lines
Between changing the world, and rearranging your mind
Upon a throne of blood, my guardian resides

Escape into the world, I am shaken by a heist
Of my ideals, and stolen from my kind
Upon a throne of blood, my guardian resides
I think I'm being bred to be the anti-christ
-The Graduate

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Dealing With Divorce
"Sometimes Children Are The Only Good That Come From A Marriage"
He couldn't believe what he heard. "Your father and I are getting a divorce." Of course he couldn't say that he didn't see this coming. He'd not-so-secretly been wanting it and at the same time verbally fighting it for so long. But he never thought. He never thought he'd hear his mom speak the words out loud. Making it official. Though he knew how she had suffered. He needed no reminders. They were permanently pressed upon her face and hands. Were these what all those values were supposed to amount to? Doesn't anybody believe in true love anymore? He couldn't believe that she regretted the last 20 years of her life. Did she also regret the relationship that forced him to be born?
"Nobody Says I Love You"
Nobody says "I love you" anymore
And I can't recall where I heard it before
On TV movies the words escape reality
The only guy who ever said he loved me, tried to rape me

The words "I love you" are never said
To whoever, whenever they are most meant
Through various facial expressions and actions
Are revealed our innermost passions

Mothers often say the words
But sometimes what they feel is insecure
Fathers never seem to care
Even if the father's there

Sometimes the roles are reversed
Mothers never say the words, despite her
Fathers love their sons and daughters
Some poor kids aren't loved by either

Why don't you try saying what's on your mind
I'd be more inclined to give you the time
If you were open and honest about who you are
Let your mouth be the instrument to express your heart

Dearly beloved, here we have gathered
To witness the beginning of happily ever after
For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health
Hold onto eachother to gain Eternal wealth

To remain grateful and faithful
Until death do us part
May God bless us in the end
Because we don't know how to start

Why is it so hard, why are we playing coward
To say what's in our hearts
We say a million things to eachother and still remains
The same encircling thought that neither names

I don't understand why the words don't flow with ease
Maybe we've forgotten what "I love you" means.
"Give Me Pumpking Pie, Or Give Me Death!"
Thanksgiving memories
of a broken family
that gives no thanks to me
for all these vicarious activities
It's hopeless telling me to hope less
I'm not here

Kiss me kill me
baa Baa black sheep
Take me away
I leased my fate in darkness

Father walked away
He walked away,
and I died inside
It's hopeless telling me to hope less
I leash my fate in darkness
Can you save me from you?

Like a fickle phoenix
You rise to give me
another chance to break your heart
I don't need you
I don't need you
       -The Graduate

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Cascading down,
around, and spin,
to win again;
I've found boxes
full of boxes
full of infinity.
A trinity
in symmetry?
An end of starts
may start an end.
An affinity for spirals, fires
trend, I spend my
time in space and
then, my space and time

-Kai'enne Tyrmerik