goaskjennifer (goaskjennifer) wrote in inmatesminds,

"Orianna Cassandra Dubois"
Just your average girl
just your average girl
just your average girl
except, ever since she could remember,
which could have been forever ago
she was haunted by strange thoughts
Alarming, random exceedingly by nature
At the age of five she wondered
five year old girls do much of that
whether her parents were as bad as teacher said, or teacher was as bad as mommy and daddy said, or maybe the problem was these thoughts in her head
that wouldn't go away
Normal boys & girls don't think this way
Matters of tigers
Snarling beast cats and incense
and older boys
playing hounds from Hell
Unicorn rabbits build her fairy tales
Rapunzal trapped in her tower mind with a bob
Alice come out of her wonderland, through the looking glass
Follow the white rabbit to the world
each introduction to the world
absorb another part of the world
now the world is part of her world
when she knows the ways of something
she knows everything
every single one of the intimate details, the little things and trifles
She always sees such trifles
She always remebers such trifles
An old, recently divorced man with salt and pepper hair was arguing about a confusing phone call from a black man he didn't recognize
And she took heed not to speak while her friend was studying, because her friend mentioned she did her best work in silence
She could relate for the condition is often her bane
Awareness of everything
cannot shut anything out
has tried so many times tried
but found she was only keeping herself in, keeping herself in, keeping herself in
Locked away in the tower again
She has lists and lists recording lists of lists she needs to list on sticky notes reminding her to buy more sticky notes
and her notebooks are full of sweet narcotic lyrics of a forgotten never written age of when sanity and poetry agreed
Things pile up pretty quickly, so she is constantly cleaning, cleaning constantly
cleaning, remodeling, renewing, renovating
Rebuilding and changing her mind.
-the graduate
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