goaskjennifer (goaskjennifer) wrote in inmatesminds,

Running away from everything they want me to be
Rebelling against all labels of conformity
Pledge alledgiance to my own authority, never be reborn
Maintain constant state of anarchy
But going against the grain never made reform

Living only for myself, kind of fun when I was twelve
Being held responsible for all my stupid actions
Slave to circumstance, trying every fashion
Wasting my life sleeping with pigs and then
Open my eyes to just a stranger in the mirror
Closing my mind for long, over-due repair

Manipulating people will not get you very far
Recognize my evil before it has a chance to start
Being honest with myself could never be a lie
If religion is an opiate, it's only in your mind

Wear my bleeding heart on a tattered sleeve
Willing to live, clutching the rosary beads
Never again deny all that I already believed to be true
Why question everything when all I need to know is You

Following Christ on the journey back to God
Believing in him to relearn how to love
Call it weak, call it lame, call it anything you want
This is me bowing on the alter, humbling my heart

I believe in God, Almighty, creator of the Earth
And through Him I finally see all that I am worth.
-the graduate
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