goaskjennifer (goaskjennifer) wrote in inmatesminds,

"Here's To Wishful Thinking"
He could be that boy, but she's not that girl.
& she knows it.
& she shows it in the way she carries herself.
Dark, distant, tormented.
Head held high, but screaming inside.
Kept up all by thoughts of a life with him.
Thoughts of being loved by him.
Thoughts thought upon too much unrequited make her happy & sad all at the same time.
& her friends always tell her he's not worth it.
& not to let him get to her.
& pass exchange of glances & whispers
of "the sad stalker chick"
& her little obsessions.
& others know it is best to be frightened
rather than amused.
& avoid all contact with her completely.
But she pays them little attention.
She knows they're just jealous.
She knows they understand who know him best.
She knows all they say about her isn't half as bad as she knows she is.
She shows it.
She shows it in her broken smile & exaggerated laugh.
She shows it in the hair & glasses she wears like a mask.
She shows it in the way she loves him.
How sad her eyes become when he is mentioned & you remember her love is unreturned.
& their future together is the brightest thing in her world.
 -the graduate
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