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Dealing With Divorce
"Sometimes Children Are The Only Good That Come From A Marriage"
He couldn't believe what he heard. "Your father and I are getting a divorce." Of course he couldn't say that he didn't see this coming. He'd not-so-secretly been wanting it and at the same time verbally fighting it for so long. But he never thought. He never thought he'd hear his mom speak the words out loud. Making it official. Though he knew how she had suffered. He needed no reminders. They were permanently pressed upon her face and hands. Were these what all those values were supposed to amount to? Doesn't anybody believe in true love anymore? He couldn't believe that she regretted the last 20 years of her life. Did she also regret the relationship that forced him to be born?
"Nobody Says I Love You"
Nobody says "I love you" anymore
And I can't recall where I heard it before
On TV movies the words escape reality
The only guy who ever said he loved me, tried to rape me

The words "I love you" are never said
To whoever, whenever they are most meant
Through various facial expressions and actions
Are revealed our innermost passions

Mothers often say the words
But sometimes what they feel is insecure
Fathers never seem to care
Even if the father's there

Sometimes the roles are reversed
Mothers never say the words, despite her
Fathers love their sons and daughters
Some poor kids aren't loved by either

Why don't you try saying what's on your mind
I'd be more inclined to give you the time
If you were open and honest about who you are
Let your mouth be the instrument to express your heart

Dearly beloved, here we have gathered
To witness the beginning of happily ever after
For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health
Hold onto eachother to gain Eternal wealth

To remain grateful and faithful
Until death do us part
May God bless us in the end
Because we don't know how to start

Why is it so hard, why are we playing coward
To say what's in our hearts
We say a million things to eachother and still remains
The same encircling thought that neither names

I don't understand why the words don't flow with ease
Maybe we've forgotten what "I love you" means.
"Give Me Pumpking Pie, Or Give Me Death!"
Thanksgiving memories
of a broken family
that gives no thanks to me
for all these vicarious activities
It's hopeless telling me to hope less
I'm not here

Kiss me kill me
baa Baa black sheep
Take me away
I leased my fate in darkness

Father walked away
He walked away,
and I died inside
It's hopeless telling me to hope less
I leash my fate in darkness
Can you save me from you?

Like a fickle phoenix
You rise to give me
another chance to break your heart
I don't need you
I don't need you
       -The Graduate
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